Our 'smart' foreign policy making us less popular

Sure is nice to have smart people in charge of our foreign policy again. Once again, we are popular and respected around the world thanks to the bold leadership of our president. At least, we were. Not so much now. Politico: Worldwide approval of U.S. leadership dipped considerably during President Barack Obama's fourth year in office -- but it increased in some countries, including Mexico, according to a poll Wednesday. The median approval rating for U.S. leadership for 130 countries was 41 percent in 2012, down 8 percentage points from the 49 percent approval during Obama's first year in office, Gallup found - noting the America's standing is still generally higher than it was during President George W. Bush's final years in office. Gallup asked, "Do you approve or disapprove of the job performance of the leadership of the United States?" "This shift suggests that the president and the new secretary of state may not find global audiences as receptive to the U.S. agenda as ...(Read Full Post)