Obama's 'real agenda'

Two long time Democrats - Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell -- echo what many in the Republican party are saying about the president and the sequester; it's a ploy to "obliterate" the GOP. Politico: The president is obviously going all-out -- but not to avoid the $85 billion in spending cuts, known as the sequester, set to kick in on Friday. Obama doesn't want to make a deal with Republicans. His fear-mongering is part of a concerted plan that extends far beyond the sequester crisis: to obliterate the Republican Party as a viable force in American political life. His self-righteous rhetoric obscures a bitter truth: Obama is not trying to unite the country. He's waging a class-based battle for political gain. His goal is to win back the House for Democrats in 2014, giving him a united Congress for his last two years in office and allowing him to pursue the most expansive government in American history. Listening to Obama, an ordinary American might assume that the Republicans...(Read Full Post)