Obama's choices

As the dreaded Sequester begins, we are in an age of trade-offs. Consider this shocking number: Housing 500 Federal Prisoners for five days is the same as operating Air Force One for just one hour. Here are the numbers: Operating AF1 per hour was $181,757 in 2010. Federal Bureau of Prisons per capita cost was $71.49 per day in 2011. Split that in 24 hours, it's a poor $2.97 per hour per federal prisoner. AF1 hourly cost covers you 61,018 criminals per hour behind bars. The cost of 500 federal prisoners is only $1,489.37 per hour. The cost of 500 federal prisoners is only $35,744.88 per day. The cost of 500 federal prisoners per 5.08484 days is... $181,757; the same as AF1 for one hour.  Indeed, it's an Immigration wing within Homeland Security - not the Bureau of Prisons - that detains illegal immigrants and maybe they do it at a different cost than Prisons, but the point is clear: Housing those 500 for five more days is a joke compared to the Federal Government. Instead of...(Read Full Post)