Obama's abusive slurs get a pass while Boehner faces media inquisition over 'ass' comment

The media double standard is flying high, as John Boehner is suffering criticism for language used by both President Obama and the Speaker of the House, while the Commander in chief was largely above reproach in the media for similar language. The headline on Politico blares: "Boehner on 'ass' comment: 'I speak English'" A national kerfuffle has erupted over his salty language -- and the Speaker of the House isn't sorry for telling the Senate to "get off their ass." "Asked on NBC's 'Meet the Press' if his colorful remark represented 'appropriate' language for a House Speaker, the Ohio Republican said his aim was to be clear. 'Listen, I speak English,' he said in an interview aired Sunday. 'The fact is, the House has done its work. We have this sequester because the president demanded it and because Senate Democrats have refused to act.'" While Boehner is criticized for using a word deemed inappropriate for the Speaker of the House, Barack Obama used the exact same word regarding...(Read Full Post)