Mr. Paul Goes to Washington

Senator Rand Paul's filibuster of John Brennan's nomination to head the CIA yesterday accomplished four important things: 1. It delayed, if not aborted, a terrible nominee's confirmation. Brennan should not assume directorship of the CIA, and a little sand in the gears of his confirmation is welcome. 2. It highlighted the breathtaking power claimed by President Obama, through his Attorney General Eric Holder - the power to execute an American on American soil, absent any imminent threat, with no due process protection. Given the history of Homeland Security considering conservative protest groups potential terrorists, it is not unreasonable to fear a slippery slope towards tyranny. 3. It firmly established Senator Paul's status as a national figure, willing to stake out an important issue. His extemporaneous performance for over 12 hours impressed many people with its coherence. 4. It started to drive a wedge between the left and Obama, whose tendency to take executive power beyond...(Read Full Post)