Mississippi Bloomberg Burning

While I'm generally no fan of new laws, a law that prohibits stupid laws is a definite exception. And that's just what the great state of Mississippi is giving us by passing legislation that would prohibit localities from limiting food portion sizes, forcing restaurants to list calorie counts on menus, and banning the inclusion of toys with meals. The bill was inspired by Little Big Gulp (the man some still call Mayor Michael Bloomberg), whose current mission is to ensure that human life may not be endangered via imprudent use of fat, sugar, or bullets, but only through abortion. The Mississippi legislation, which has been dubbed the "anti-Bloomberg bill," isn't just symbolic. When mayors such as Little Big Gulp (LBG) conjure up a new way to torment people for their own good, one of their aims -- often stated -- is to "set an example for the rest of the nation." And it works. Other politicians with more brazenness than brains will also go full nanny state and commit what is the worst...(Read Full Post)