Many Questions, No Answers

Earlier this week the usually compliant press had the audacity to question Jay Carney about Obama's Chi-town mafia's selling quarterly access to the highest official in the land for $500,000. Apparently expecting the question, Mr. Carney read a prepared response to journalists in the Press Pool. He reread the same statement again in response to the follow up question from Jake Tapper, as if Jake wasn't paying attention the first time or was too stupid to understand what he was parroting. As the gaggle of media minions continued to yell follow-up questions, Jay, of course, slithered silently out of the room. In the rehearsed response, Jay claimed that it's okay because the Republicans voted down a bill that would have prevented just this kind of unethical behavior. Charles Krauthammer, commenting on Fox, nailed it on the head: "It's always Republicans who prevent Obama from acting ethically." Later in the week Mr. Krauthammer, this time at NRO, brings up this statement from a...(Read Full Post)