Liberals Sure Do Love to Tax the Rich (and Other Popular Myths)

I am tired of the myth that liberals want the rich to pay more taxes.  And that it is accepted as gospel, or worse, scientific consensus.  It's complete hogwash. I originally wrote this in response to a question as to why liberals would oppose a flat consumption tax, as it would be a very progressive tax in that it would be born more by the rich, who consumer more, than the poor, who consume less.  To the questioners mind, 'this is what liberals want isn't it?' No it isn't.  Liberals don't want the rich to pay more taxes. They just want us moronic voters to think that they want the rich to pay more taxes, and it's worked like a charm for a very long time, right? 'Investment' is liberal code for 'spending we like'.  Whereas 'loophole' is liberal code for 'spending we don't like', though I must confess to being hard pressed to identify much spending that liberals don't like, so I think what this means is spending on 'the rich' that we can blame on evil...(Read Full Post)