Larry Grathwohl's Bringing Down America Re-Released

Larry Grathwohl, the FBI informer who spent a year with the Weathermen terrorist group, has remained a powerful witness to the subversive intentions of the communist radicals who sought to destroy America from within -- and who continue to work toward this result today. In 1976, Grathwohl (with Frank Reagan) wrote the book Bringing Down America, detailing his experiences with the Weathermen, including his personal interactions with Bill Ayers and the rest of the leadership group, many of whom were still living in hiding at that time.  In 1976, Grathwohl's inside information was part of the effort to demythologize New Left radicalism and to frame it as what it really was: grotesque thuggery in the name of feeling like "players" in the international communist movement.  These radical "youths" (who planned and carried out terrorist acts without regard for human life well beyond their "youthful" years) deserved to be exposed and isolated as the inhuman instruments of...(Read Full Post)