Jim Carrey, America's only Male Dixie Chick

An infrequently funny but toothy and foul-mouthed Hollywood moron shot his career right between the eyes this week. Rubber-faced Jim Carrey administered a video coup de grás to his already lagging film future, with a last gasping breath, all to promote the Hollywood liberalism that has infected that culture for decades. Stupidly, Mr. Carrey chose to immolate image and career with a poorly-produced, amateurish, video venture to attack an icon of the American conservative movement, Charleton Heston. Mr. Heston, an actor of exceptional accomplishments that a third-rater like Carrey could only dream of, famously defended the constitutional right of Americans to keep and bear arms. Foolishly, Carrey chose to mock Heston's impassioned defense and to completely alienate forever all those Americans who revere that speech. A bit of advice Jimbo: Don't fool with Moses... As should be expected, when a third-rate talent savages a talent of the first order, the attacker's puerile yappings...(Read Full Post)