It's Time for Effective Action against Radical Islamists in Israel

If you follow events in Israel and the Middle East closely, no doubt you have noticed that Jewish people living in Israel are getting fed up with the senseless violence that they have endured for so many years at the hands of Islamist radicals.  A growing number of them are seeking retribution. It's easy to understand why.  Hardly a day goes by without another provocation.  Be it rocket or mortar attacks from Gaza targeting innocent Israeli civilians, attacks on Jewish worshipers who dare to visit Abraham's tomb in Hebron or Joseph's tomb near Shechem (Nablus if you are an Arab), or whole families being slaughtered while they were "safely" sleeping in their beds, Israeli Jews are growing increasingly angry about having to play the role of piñata for Islamist thugs and murderers in order to placate global media hounds and world leaders who will never give them or their country a fair shake. In the past few days alone, Jewish children from a religious school in...(Read Full Post)