It's Interesting What Survives Sequestration

Isn't it interesting what has survived the budget cuts of sequestration?  Here are but two (of many) programs that have survived: food stamps and foreign education.  While two does not make a pattern, one has to wonder what the objectives are here.  Could the objectives be "vote-buying" and "Muslim influence"?  Judge for yourself. First, there is the fact that food stamps for illegal immigrants from Mexico are still plentiful; they have not been cut.  It appears that Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama "... continues to pursue a 'partnership' with the Mexican government to 'raise awareness' about food stamps among immigrants from that country."  Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee protected the program despite a Republican who proposed ending funding for it. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a very vocal critic of the program, said that he believes that the public will eventually demand an end to the program.  But the Democrat-controlled Senate...(Read Full Post)