Italian gridlock could lead to early vote

Reuters is reporting that the political gridlock that is preventing the formation of a government following the elections a week ago, could lead to a new vote as soon as June. Former comic Beppe Grillo, head of the Five Star Movement that received 25% of the vote, has refused to ally himself with any "establishment" party. His refusal makes it near impossible for the formation of a stable government. n an interview on RAI state television late on Sunday, Bersani underlined his opposition to two of the options currently being floated - another technocrat government like the outgoing one led by Mario Monti or a grand coalition with Silvio Berlusconi's center-right. That would leave only one possibility to avoid elections - Grillo's backing for the center-left, which won the lower house in the election but does not have enough support to rule in the Senate. "Now (Grillo) must say what he wants, otherwise we all go home, including him," Bersani said. Grillo has repeatedly...(Read Full Post)