Is this really the time to talk about gay marriage?

Why are we even talking about gay marriage?  Don't we, as a nation, have much larger fish to fry?   We're wallowing in debt, our government is doing everything in its power to destroy our energy sector and drive up the price we have to pay to heat and cool our homes and businesses as well as our costs to commute to and from work (if we're fortunate or foolish enough in the bizzaro world of Obama to have a job) and to move our goods and services to market. They're doing all they can to not only prop up, but also arm to the teeth, Islamist regimes throughout the middle east and north Africa whose sole purpose in life is to destroy us. Our education system (I use this term very loosely) is swirling down the toilet, most of our cities and states, not to mention our federal government, have unfunded liabilities in the trillions of dollars. Obamacare is simultaneously destroying our existing health insurance industry, our health delivery systems, and the businesses that most...(Read Full Post)