Is momentum shifting away from Obama?

Momentum shifts often go unnoticed at first, turning on seemingly inconsequential events.  But such events often reflect underlying currents. With an aggressive second-term agenda of climate change, immigration reform, tax reform, gun control, and locking down ObamaCare, the Obama administration has been riding the crest of reelection and driving toward ousting the Republican House majority in 2014. But reality often gets in the way of big plans.  The President's recent outreach to Republicans no doubt reflects the sense that all is not well in Obama-land. A McClatchy-Marist poll released this week shows the President underwater in approval ratings, with a 45% job approval compared with a 48% disapproval.  On budget issues, even Congress outpolls Obama, 44% vs. 42%. The McClatchy column observes that any political capital from the President's reelection is "largely gone," and quotes the Marist polling director: Any glow from his re-election is starting to...(Read Full Post)