Hilarious 'Prof or Hobo?' Quiz

Thomas Lifson
One of the oddest correlates of the left wing takeover of academia is the adoption of full facial hair, the wilder the better, among a substantial portion of the aging male professoriate. For some reason (because they can thanks to tenure?), well-paid men on campus with PhDs, especially those in their fifties, sixties, and beyond, can often be seen sporting wild beards and wild hair -- a look that is also popular among the homeless. Some anonymous wag at the University of Toronto (judging from the URL http://individual.utoronto.ca/somody/quiz.html) has put together a quiz, challenging the reader to make the call: prof or hobo. A sample: Take the test here. (I achieved a random score of 50%.) Hat tip: iOwnTheWorld.com (Read Full Post)