Gun control fails in Washington state

A bit of cheery news this morning; the state of Washington's lower house has beaten back a gun control bill that would have expanded background checks for gun sales. Examiner: A contentious proposal to expand background checks on Washington state gun sales failed Tuesday in the state House, where supporters said they were just a handful of votes short. In a final effort to pick up a few extra votes, Rep. Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle, had proposed a referendum clause that would have allowed the public to vote on the measure. He initially believed that would draw enough support to corral the 50 votes needed to pass the bill but conceded Tuesday night that others had dropped their backing because of that shift. "It was too big of a stretch for this year," Pedersen said. Pedersen said he was disappointed by the result, and several Democrats departing for the night were emotional about the collapse of a bill they'd spent two days intensely working to finalize. The week had ...(Read Full Post)