GOP Senator: Obama's golf weekend cost 341 federal workers a pay cut

Daniel Halper at Weekly Standard quotes Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions who really goes after the president and the Democrats for their refusal to negotiate on the sequester: "Replacing the sequester would require the President to save $85 billion out of a $3,500 billion federal budget. One would think that any President would leap at the opportunity to make government more effective and responsive. But what does the President do instead? He says Republicans are 'cutting vital services for children' in order to 'benefit the well-off and well-connected.' This has been the strategy now for years: block any attempt to reform the government and then relentlessly attack the reformers. Does any lawmaker, reporter, or citizen believe that the only way to save taxpayer dollars is to hurt children, that every government program is effective and helpful and not one penny is wasted?" Sessions is the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee. "While the White House operatives may think this...(Read Full Post)