Giving Hugo Chavez credit where credit is due

Within a few days after the announcement of the death of Hugo Chavez, I ran into a friend who was born in Venezuela and had spent his early childhood there before coming to the U.S. He still has family and friends in Venezuela and has traveled there occasionally, even during Chavez's presidency. To say that my friend was not a big fan of Hugo Chavez would be a colossal understatement. So, when I ran into my friend I sarcastically inquired, "Estoy seguro que estas completamente destrozado por la muerte de Hugo Chavez, ¿No ?"  -  "I'm sure you're completely shattered by the death of Hugo Chavez, Right?" My friend looked at me with a perfectly straight face and told me that, actually, he was seriously reconsidering his feelings about Chavez. He then explained: "Despite all his faults, all his nuttiness and all the damage he did to Venezuela, you still have to consider that this was a man who called Barack Obama a clown! That's something that neither McCain nor Romney had the...(Read Full Post)