For Israel, back-of-th​e-bus treatment in WaPo

In a development that's good for both sides, Israel has been steadily increasing the number of work permits for West Bank Palestinians to get jobs in Israel. As security for Israelis -- in West Bank communities as well as in Israel -- has improved in recent years, the number of work permits has gone up accordingly. It now stands at about 30,000. Both sides like the arrangement. Israeli employers get workers who otherwise might be in short supply in Israel. Palestinians in the West Bank and their families welcome regular paychecks. A positive ripple effect for the Palestinian economy is still another plus. So what's the problem? Well, Israelis and Palestinians on public buses crossing from the West Bank into Israel aren't always mutually welcoming. Each side complains of abusive and threatening behavior by the other side. For Palestinian workers, the only alternative has been to use so-called pirate taxis which charge exorbitant fares. Public bus transportation also required lengthy...(Read Full Post)