Facing facts on Islam

In the face of the powers that be in government, education, and the media, Pamela Geller and her collaborators toil away to present a more realistic picture of the implacable Islamic religious war underway against the West for over a millennium. Their latest campaign undertaken by The American Freedom Defense Initiative is once again using transit ads in New York. Here are two of the first ads: The New York Post writes of the campaign: Another picture shows a woman dressed in a white burqa getting whipped above the words: "Under Islamic law rape victims are tortured or killed unless they agree to marry their rapist." Geller said that picture is from Indonesia. She submitted the ads to the MTA yesterday. It's unclear when they will go up; her ads have been approved before. The reference to apartheid is a direct rebuttal of the American Muslims for Palestine ad, which went up on Monday - the first day of Passover - in 25 MetroNorth stations. Geller requested her ads be...(Read Full Post)