Dennis Rodman, Obama's Madeleine Albright

My Minnesota pals Guy Green and Tony Bauer recently included me in an e-mail exchange regarding Dennis Rodman's edition of the Jane Fonda Communist Workout featuring North Korea's new favorite son (of god), Kim Jong-Un.   This little incident, which in itself ranks up there on the sanity scale with Maxine Waters' warning of 170,000,000 Americans losing their jobs due to the sequester, is nevertheless a timely reminder of just how power-mad progressives really are, and how thoroughly their power-madness obliterates any notions of conscience or decency. During the aforementioned e-mail exchange, Mr.  Bauer quipped, "Refresh my memory again on how a US citizen goes about traveling to these forbidden communist destinations?  Or perhaps I need to direct my question to Jane Fonda, Harry Belafonte and John Kerry?"  This is where I decided my experience as a six-year resident of South Korea might allow me to shed some light on the situation, as follows. If a U.S....(Read Full Post)