Dem voting gambit on RSC budget fails

It's actually a very clever manuever; vote "present" on the Republican Study Commitee budget, which would force the GOP to either adopt it, or scramble to defeat it. Why? Because it raises the retirement age for Social Security to 70 and cuts Medicare, among other target rich items contained in the document. It would also cut discretionary spending back to 2008 levels and keep it there until the budget is balanced in 2017. "Draconian" doesn't begin to describe the budget cuts. The Hill: Supporters of the bill said Congress needs to balance the budget as soon as possible in order to start paying down the government's $16.5-trillion debt."If a budget is nothing else, it is a statement of our values and our priorities," Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.) said. "And the Republican Study Committee's value and priority is to end the passing of responsibilities from this generation to the next, to be responsible for the bills that we create today and paying for those priorities...(Read Full Post)