CPAC Reflections 2: It's Not Happening

Watching CPAC from the comfort of my living room arm chair, a sinking feeling arose that would not abate. I assume CPAC exists to inspire the crowd. But it's also a major event with a lot of visibility. Anytime we have the bully pulpit shouldn't we make our case clearly and boldly? I presume so. But it didn't happen. The speeches were inappropriately small. (And, as an aside, most speakers were introduced with the same 4 ½ second pop music clip blaring the following lyrics: "You're insecure. Don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk through the door." Were they kidding? It was utterly amateurish.) But, back to the speeches.... Ben Carson, who is a welcome voice on the scene, gave what is now a canned speech. Having heard him speak on several occasions I looked forward to hearing something new. But it wasn't there. He spent the latter portion of his speech talking about the organization he formed that focuses on education. His organization may be terrific, but it...(Read Full Post)