Citizenship: the Last Word

Considering the experience that one of its co-authors has concerning electoral matters, today's article by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison on the eligibility of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, and Bobby Jindal to run for president ought to end the matter. It won't, of course. Debates over that topic have proven not only self-perpetuating but self-generating -- every time you think they've died down for good, they flare up once again. But the least we can ask about such debates is that they adhere to established statute. One of the most curious aspects of these citizenship disputations is how often (almost always, in point of fact) they overlook what the actual law states. Odd assertions by forgotten politicians, misspelled Latin footnotes in obscure political tracts, court cases thrown out by judges a hour after they were called -- all these would be welcome as weapons in the citizenship debate. What you don't hear, for various reasons, is what the U.S. Code, the actual...(Read Full Post)