Censorship in Yuma

Everyone who reads American Thinker knows about the current battles over free speech and blasphemy laws in America thanks to Barack Obama's Muslim outreach and efforts by CAIR. Everyone with half a brain also knows that it is nothing more than the "moderate" Islamist's attempt to prevent an honest discussion on the true face of Islam and Islamic terrorism, not just in America but throughout the world. We are all also used to the Washington Post and the New York Times leading the charge toward dhimmitude. Well, they have some new competition: the Yuma Sun. It all started with a seemingly harmless article on the opening of a mosque in the area, The Islamic Center of Yuma. A simple feel good piece, welcoming the residents of the community to please, come visit, and learn about Islam. How nice. My issue? Well, the comment section showed some disapproval from the residents, as well as the typical apologists and even a couple that pushed back a little too hard. But instead of...(Read Full Post)