Can the Afghan Military keep the bases we leave?

As the 2014 withdrawal date for US forces in Afghanistan approaches, the military and government have to decide whether to hand over the numerous bases and checkpoints to the Afghan military or raze them. However, the real question is whether the Afghan military can successfully maintain the military bases that the US army will be leaving. The U.S. insists that many of the remaining outposts--like Forward Operating Base Tillman--would "be too challenging to sustain given Afghanistan's limited capabilities" once U.S. troops leave the country. Because of this, U.S. commanders are concerned that additional outposts they hand to Afghan forces will slowly be overtaken and occupied by insurgent groups. It's a legitimate concern not only for the US military but also for the average American citizen. If the 193 bases left over are given to the Afghan army then what is going to stop the Taliban from taking them from the Afghanistan government? The US army won't be there to help them,...(Read Full Post)