Break Out the Hankies: DC Metro to Feel Sequester Pain

NBC News reported over the weekend that the Washington DC metro area would feel the sting of sequester worse than other areas of the nation.  This might just give Washingtonians and their suburban brethren a small taste of what most Americans have felt over the last four years of the Obama presidency.    DC metro has been largely insulated from the nation's economic woes thanks to elephantine government made more elephantine by a multitrillion dollar infusion of funny money into federal coffers.  The massive funny money infusion would be thanks to President Obama and his slap-happy Democrats, who never think government is big enough.    Anyone who visits DC, or spends time there, sees streets full of BMWs, Mercedes, and Lexus high end stores, boutiques, and bistros in Georgetown, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac - you name it - are open for business and thronging with patrons.  The DC real estate market has been heating up while most of the rest of the...(Read Full Post)