Black teacher suspended for racial slur

Racial sensitivity is a minefield for Americans, and not just whites. A black schoolteacher in Broward County, one Leslie Rainer, has discovered that while blacks apparently can use the n-word, the word "chocolate" applied in any way to a black child in a classroom is enough to get suspended from her job.  WPLG TV reports: The School Board of Broward County voted Monday to suspend a teacher accused of calling an African-American student "dark chocolate, the kind that nobody wants." The board voted unanimously to suspend Leslie Rainer five days without pay, agreeing with an administrative law judge who reviewed the case. (snip) The student recorded Rainer on video pointing the pointer at him and making the statement, "You got one time, chocolate," before his classmates erupted in laughter. "He found it offensive," said Carmen Rodriguez, the schools' district attorney. "He found it hurtful and he was so frustrated because he couldn't respond because this was his teacher." Rainer...(Read Full Post)