Are We Helping in Egypt, or Paying Tribute?

Our "smartest guy in the room" president and our brand-new secretary of state have determined that the best way to deal with the regime of President Morsi in Egypt is to provide "aid" in the sum of $250,000,000.  They will "loan" the Morsi government a quarter of a billion dollars that we will have to borrow from China to "aid in stabilizing the Egyptian economy." Of course, there don't seem to be any specifics noted by either Barack Obama or John Kerry as to exactly what this money will be used for, nor what benefit, if any, the ordinary citizens of the United States will enjoy in return for this largess.  It is just another example of the "Trust us!  Have we ever lied to you?" mentality in this administration. Just a few things should be kept in mind, though, for those of you trying to puzzle out just why we're giving money to the government of Egypt for (ostensibly) the support of their economy when our own economy is, if not an actual basket case, more than just...(Read Full Post)