Alvin Lee 1944 - 2013

Alvin Lee will be remembered for three things: triggering a short-lived fashion craze for clogs, setting a new standard in popular guitar playing, and writing one of the few politically sensible rock songs. Lee was the lead guitarist and singer of Ten Years After, one of the most popular of the "second-wave" British hard-rock bands on the late 1960s. Ten Years After had an interesting sound, mixing 50s rockabilly (which explains the band name) and blues along with a rare and welcome touch of jazz. Like many British groups of the period, they suffered in coming up with all too much in the way of trivial or forgettable material. The band -- and Alvin Lee -- might have fallen to the status of a trivia item if not for Woodstock. A raucous and lengthy performance of the group's standard, "I'm Going Home" which marked a peak moment in the film of the event, made the band a household name and Lee a rock icon. The two most striking things about the performance were Lee's almost...(Read Full Post)