A budget system designed for deficits

Once upon a time in America, a progressive couple discovered they were in dire financial straits.  In hopes they could change their slide toward insolvency, they sought guidance from their successful conservative neighbor.  The neighbor asked if they had a budget and they happily replied they did - but that no matter how hard they worked to stay on their budget, they always wound up having to borrow more on their credit cards.  Intrigued, the neighbor asked if they would show him a copy of their budget and explain their budgeting process.  A copy of the budget was provided -- and the couple explained the process they used as being what the government refers to as Current Baseline Budget Process, e.g. it is based on what they spent last year.  They then add extra to off-set the inflationary loss in value of their money -- and a little more extra for population growth, i.e. pets, visitors, etc.  Once the final amount is determined, it is apportioned to...(Read Full Post)