Warmist criminal honored with 'lifetime achievement award'

A warmist who has admitted to crimes of fraud is being honored with a 'lifetime achievement award." The Heartland Institute, which was defrauded and victimized by criminal Peter Gleick reports: the Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards gave him and the Pacific Institute a "Lifetime Achievement" Water Conservation Award. By bestowing this "honor" on Gleick, the organization has sullied any good reputation it might have enjoyed. Peter Gleick's actions are an affront to science, and a disgrace the Pacific Institute shares. The Heartland Institute sent not just one letter to the board of directors of the Pacific Institute, but two. The letters asked the board to at least look into and respond the crimes to which Gleick admitted. To date, a little more than a year later, Heartland has received no response. In brief, Gleick: (full explanation here) ...sent to liberal activists and reporters documents he stole from The Heartland Institute and claimed to have obtained from a 'Heartland...(Read Full Post)