Illegals' access to Obamacare could be greenlighted by Senate immigration deal

Path to citizenship, DREAM Act, guest worker provisions -- all of these pale in comparison as far as controversy when it comes to giving illegals who achieve residency status under the immigration reform bill access to federal health benefits under Obamacare. Put simply, there is no moral justification for it. But Senate Dems -- and president Obama -- will try to achieve this goal in the upcoming immigration reform debate. Roll Call: The Senate's bipartisan immigration working group split along party lines during a contentious budget vote to prevent illegal immigrants who receive legal status from receiving federal health benefits. The Senate early Saturday morning defeated the amendment to the budget resolution which would have put the Senate on record as opposing access to health care under Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act for undocumented immigrants who get a green card. The amendment, which failed 43 to 56, was offered by Senate Budget ranking member Jeff Sessions, R-Ala....(Read Full Post)