Wrestling with the I.O.C.: a short-sighted, tragic decision

Stunned; stunned, flabbergasted, and fit to be tied -- this was my reaction to the International Olympic Committee's recent decision to drop wrestling as an Olympic sport. Wrestling; not ping-pong, synchronized ribbon-twirling, or badminton, WRESTLING. The decision, made by secret ballot of the I.O.C.'s 15-member "executive board" (in the gladiator capital of Lausanne, Switzerland), lumps wrestling in (if you aren't already, please sit) with: rollerblading, sport-climbing, squash, wakeboarding, and washu (don't ask), as sports falling shy of Olympic standards. Interesting, because I don't recall rollerblading's mention at the ancient Greek games (708 B.C.), and last I checked, wakeboarding was 180 sanctioning bodies shy of wrestling's importance in the global community. Of course, why embrace facts -- and the raw purity of sport -- when "telegenic digestibility" is the prevailing standard?  According to I.O.C. spokesman, Mark Abrams: "The vote is part of the process of renewing...(Read Full Post)