Wounded Warrior Project changes mind and accepts donations from a Baptist organization

When I read the first reports of this story, I was shocked. And I don't shock easily. But this story is on its way to a happy ending, thanks to public pressure. A Florida television station, WPTV,  reported recently that the well-known veterans' charity, The Wounded Warrior Project, had refused to take a donation of money collected by children at a Baptist school and funds from a planned special church collection. This is an emotional story, but that cannot be avoided when someone turns down a patriotic gift from grade school children and their parent to wounded American soldiers. WPTV's video told of a church donation of up to $50,000 being initially refused. The details were also reported by GOPUSA, while The Blaze posted this: "We were heartbroken," Pastor Wallace Cooley told Fox News. It wasn't until after Liberty Baptist Church and Academy had already paid a $100 registration fee to raise funds for Wounded Warrior Project that the they received an email from the non-profit...(Read Full Post)