Welcome to 21st Century America

A recent Gallup poll revealed that President Obama rates high on foreign affairs and low on the deficit.  That he is regarded highly by our fellow citizens on foreign affairs is disconcerting because he's doing more harm to us and to others than anyone in the "free world" since Neville Chamberlain.  I'll go one step further, by attempting to disarm U.S. citizens at a time when we face greater risks than at any time since World War II, Obama makes Chamberlain look like a hawk. How can you explain the fact that typical Americans think Obama is doing well on the foreign front?  Rush Limbaugh refers to Obama supporters in general as "low information voters."  He's on the right track, but I've seen evidence suggesting that the problem extends beyond Obama's acolytes.  I have a Facebook group for a book that I wrote titled His Name is Yahweh.  Members of the group aren't ordinary readers, but they have a liking for shorter rather than longer pieces, and by...(Read Full Post)