The sequester: Who to believe?

It's either devastating or a minor nuisance that the American people will hardly notice. Depending on one's ideology and political affiliation, notions of how bad - or not - the sequester will be rests on perception and not reality. The truth is that neither side knows. But the White House is doing its best to ratchet up fear. And during this week before the sequester takes effect, they will be parading before the cameras a bevy of "victims" of the sequester in order to get the Republicans to accept another massive tax increase. The Obama administration has issued a helpful state by state breakdown of where the cuts are going to happen. Missing from this list are justifications for these specific cuts. Why this program? Why this amount of money? Was there an alternative to cutting this percentage from a specific program? The fact is, we get none of that. And we're supposed to take the word of the president and his department heads that this is the best they can do - that they had no...(Read Full Post)