The president is lying about Benghazi

Robin Osborne
We all remember when Bill Clinton argued that it all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is.  We were all disgusted that the office of the President had become so low that we were deciphering legalistic terms and arguing about sex acts.  Oh for the good ole days. President Obama's disregard for the truth has made Bill Clinton seem like a novice.  His statements are always riddled with inconsistency.  Many could easily have been dissected with a curious media, but that hasn't happen.  Very few people can lie as well.  Leon Panetta testified yesterday before congress that the President was only briefed once at a previously scheduled meeting around 5:00 pm on the day of the Benghazi attack. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his staff were already under attack at that time.Were they in danger, and who defines danger? Did the President not care about their safety specifically or did he not expect things to escalate further. No one knows. ...(Read Full Post)