The Left Demonizes India's Modi while his Popularity Soars

Though India's nationwide elections are not scheduled until 2014, the campaign is already underway as the Conservative opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) gets set to name Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as its candidate for prime minister. As recently as this past summer, one of India's most astute public officials told me that would not happen because Modi's controversial nature would prevent him from forming a ruling coalition. While the left attempts to keep that controversy alive, however, calling Modi the "Butcher of Gujarat," a growing number of average Indians lionize him as the country's best hope for safety and prosperity. Modi's Reaganesque message of optimism resonates with Indians discouraged with the ruling left-center Congress Party that has ruled for all but 12 years of India's existence as a nation. Economic "malaise" has set in, confidence in the future has dropped, and people believe that the government is unable to deal effectively with either...(Read Full Post)