The Faux Virtue of Tolerance

Our age's faux virtue is tolerance: but it is a tolerance that has degenerated from its original application relating to religious matters of conscience and morality. Such tolerance, driven by the influence of the Gospels, the Enlightenment, and the Reformation, rightly enjoined that in Christendom and the West religious choices were to be condoned, and that one would not forfeit his liberties, or his head, for matters of conscience or belief. Compare this with the undifferentiated tolerance of the Postmodern West, which obscures the yardstick of nature and excellence, clouds the frontier between vice and virtue, and holds moral judgments as categorically suspect. Such a debased understanding reduces tolerance to the proposition that all "life styles" are equally valid -- all behavior is essentially commensurate -- the social panorama of human conduct is fundamentally natural and morally neutral. In order to arrive at this capricious state, the very proposition of...(Read Full Post)