The Conservative Gay Marriage Mirage

Jon Huntsman's recent call in American Conservative for a right-wing endorsement of same-sex marriage is nothing new.  Saying nothing of children's rights to a mother and father, his clarion call is essentially an unwitting declaration of the rights of well-to-do gays to buy children without having to share their property or domestic lives with the opposite-sex parent of their legal charges. For all the talk of being inclusive, same-sex marriage proponents are actually promoting the exclusion of one biological parent from the custody of their own children. In other words, a man's right to marry another man is actually a man's right to exclude the woman who bore his child from the household where the child grows up. While utterly offensive to me, this is apparently perfectly legitimate reasoning to many readers who feel that adults have rights to children if they have the money or political clout to come into possession of them, while children have no rights to anything at...(Read Full Post)