Stealth program in NY city supplies teens with 'morning after' pill

I don't object to birth control given to teenage girls -- as long as parents approve and a doctor dispenses them. Nor do I think it objectionable to give the so-called Plan B "morning after pill" to teenage girls - as long as it is done with the consent of the parents and under the supervision of a doctor. But handing a prescription drug out like it was candy is irresponsible and insane - as the city of New York is doing, apparently dosing thousands of kids without the knowledge of the parents. Many states do not require the consent of a parent for a teenager to get contraceptives. But the NY schools don't require a doctor to OK a prescription for contraceptives or Plan B. If the kid smokes, does the school nurse warn them of the danger of blood clots from most pills? Are they told about the adverse effects of Plan B? This is insanely dangerous. New York Post: Plan B has become Plan A in the Bloomberg administration's stealth war on teen pregnancy. Handouts of the...(Read Full Post)