Rahm Emanuel and Antonio Villaraigosa Need an Attitude Adjustment

You will recall that in early January, Bank of America froze the bank account of American Spirit Arms, a gun manufacturer in Scottsdale, Arizona, thus threatening the firm's ability to do business.  I wrote about it in a blog for American Thinker and many others chimed in as well.  I was told that the concerted efforts of Joe Sirochman, the company's owner, and people who came to his defense produced exactly the result that you expect when law-abiding citizens rise up in anger and focus their attention on the culprits in a criminal pursuit.  As I understand it, Bank of America had a change of heart and relented when their customers threatened to do business elsewhere if they didn't cease and desist. It's amazing what can happen when people work together, and now we have more work to do.  Two big city mayors, Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, are using strong arm tactics, some of them illegal, to attack gun manufacturers. ...(Read Full Post)