President Obama wants immigration reform to fail so that he can blame the GOP

President Obama just signaled that he is not interested in immigration reform.  He just told us that he wants a pathway to citizenship rather than working with the bipartisan deal that includes border security, guest worker visas and ultimately a path to legalization. President Obama wants a path to citizenship right away and did not mention "guest worker visas" in his speech.  He has to know that those are "poison pills" for many Republicans, including the 4 Senators who are part of the compromise. What's President Obama up to? He wants immigration reform to fail. He wants to propose unrealistic plans and blame "los terrible republicanos" again.  Most of all, he does not want an "up or down" vote because that will show that a lot of Democrats are uncomfortable with immigration reform too.   Remember The Dream Act vote of 2010 that did not pass because of Senate Democrats? The Democrats have always been uncomfortable with "guest...(Read Full Post)