Nothing to Spin

Hagel it is. Was there ever any doubt? It doesn't matter that there was a nearly historic number of "no" votes. When you're at war, almost winning doesn't count. Like observations by conservatives prior to the 2012 election about decreased enthusiasm for Obama from his base, it didn't matter. The sheeple did what they were programmed to do, irrespective of enthusiasm level, common sense, or for that matter, actual facts. And they've done it again. This time, via the voices in the Senate. And so Hagel it is. Next up: Brennen. None of this should be spun or framed in a way that suggests we have leverage. We don't. We are outnumbered. Obama cannot move fast enough to fill up his administration with Chamberlains (at best). I hope we will all commit as much time, energy, and money as possible to the 2014 elections because the left is handing this nation over to the enemy in a gift-wrapped box. And that cannot stand. And, speaking of elections, for those who are admirers of Rand Paul, he...(Read Full Post)