Muslim protest echoes the 1960s boycott of Coca-Cola and Israel

As Pamela Geller reported yesterday: How do we know the man is an Arab or a Muslim? Maybe the fella in the desert is Druze or Zoroastrian... Muslim Groups Call Coke Super Bowl Ad "Racist" Answering Muslims (thanks to David Wood) Ever get the feeling that some people are so desperate to claim victim status, they'll complain about absolutely anything? Watch the following Coca Cola SuperBowl ad and see if you can spot the blatant racism against Arabs. Did you miss the racism? So did every non-Muslim on the planet who watched the video. Does the ad discriminate against women by portraying them as dancers? Does it discriminate against me because a white biker gets hit by a bus? Why is it that one group is so much more sensitive than all other groups combined? The ad can be seen on Atlas Shrugs and at YouTube here. And as Billy Mays used to say, "But wait.  There's more." It seems the Muslim groups want to believe that everyone in the West has forgotten the 1960s, when the...(Read Full Post)