Miss Qu'ran and the feminists

The left wing propaganda machine is a wonder to behold, managing the theoretically impossible feat of propagandizing for Islam at a radical feminist rally. It happened in San Francisco, of course, where government, the media, political organizations -- everything relevant propaganda - is controlled by the left. Zombie, the sharp-eyed and quick-witted anonymous chronicler of the Bay Area left, has published a vastly entertaining and profoundly revealing photo-essay featuring Miss Qu'ran. February 14 used to be Valentine's Day, but this year Eve Ensler hijacked the date to mark the climax of her worldwide anti-rape dance/protest known as 1 Billion Rising. I attended the San Francisco 1 Billion Rising rally, where "dancing is a revolution." When I first showed up at Civic Center, right in the middle of the protest someone was holding up a big sign with a Bible quote. Oh wait, did I say Bible? My bad. I meant the Qu'ran. Silly me. Everyone knows that the Bible is anti-woman; thus it...(Read Full Post)