McCain charges 'massive cover-up' on Benghazi

Senator John McCain yesterday escalated his rhetoric on the Obama administration stonewalling over Benghazi, and said a lot of important things.   Then, in the manner that has maddened conservatives over the years, he proceeded to pre-emptively surrender leverage he and his Senate minority colleagues have to do something about this alarming situation: Dylan Stableford of Yahoo News chronicles the former Republican nominee's interview with David Gregory yesterday on Meet the Press: There are so many answers we don't know," McCain told host David Gregory. "We've had two movies about getting bin Laden and we don't even know who the people were who were evacuated from the consulate the day after the [Benghazi] attack. So there are many, many questions. So we've had a massive cover-up on the part of the administration." This is a good start. President Obama has claimed that there are no more legitimate questions (implying further questions are illegitimate), so getting it on the...(Read Full Post)