Lee Rodgers RIP

For those who aren't familiar with Lee Rodgers, he was a powerful voice for sanity in what he not so lovingly referred to as the world's largest outdoor zoo, San Francisco.  His morning radio show on KSFO was part of my family's life from day one in the mid 90s, and his wit, intelligence and talent as a broadcaster was always there with a sound perspective and insight.  He was always informative and entertaining.  I came across this note because I was trying to pinpoint the last time I listened to talk radio.  It was when he was very unceremoniously dumped from KSFO a few years ago.  He was that good.  When he was no longer on the air, the rest seemed boring and predictable, and I lost interest.  A couple a months ago on a similar mission, I came across his farewell note where he left an email address.  I am so glad that it gave me the opportunity to thank him personally for all he did in our house.  He very graciously responded, and we...(Read Full Post)